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Rockets launch in conjunction with science fest

Along with rockets, THOR members tend to build obsessions. Paulman has blogged about his quest to build and successfully launch a Level 3 rocket — the high-powered kind. He has twice launched massive rockets, watched them soar thousands of feet into the air and never seen them again. They live in the cornfields now. As he started to put together the kit he got last summer, his family took to calling him Captain Ahab.

“I have resisted the temptation to name my new model the ‘Pequod’ or ‘Moby Dick,’” he wrote. “I have chosen the name ‘Persistence’ for this new model.”

It is pretty sad. The last one I saw him attempt was filled with pert near $1,000 of bits and not a one of them replied back to him to find it.

Here is his last attempt and my first time seeing a big rocket go up.

FYI the event has been cancelled because winds are projected to be above National Association of Rocketry rules and dry conditions in the pasture. Yes it did rain, but there is still a bunch of waist high dry / brown grasses in the field.

As stated in the article, safety is top priority when launching rockets. Adults who launch rockets at NAR sanctioned launches need to be members of one of two orgs that provide insurance and certification to fly. If winds are above 20 MPH, as forecast, we cannot launch and really would not want too. Wind makes launching rockets a pain.

We launch once a month and folks can always come watch. The big ones are still going to get flown, possibly May 17th. If you are interested in model rocketry check out the THOR club. A great group of people having a lot of fun.





Estes makes some fun kits that I can build easily in a weekend. The mini FAT BOY was so cute I had to go for it.



The build was silly easy and I did not modify it at all. They take the tiny A motors. I could of put a bigger motor mount, but meh..


Neighbor Rob chalked it up. She flew nice, but the chute did not pop. Landed fine.





This was one amazing scratch kit that a friend sent me. Keith wanted me to learn some new techniques, and boy did I.


This is what was in the box. There was no manual, but he was there for me when I had questions. The body tube had been fiberglassed and is really strong. Those are really thin fiberglass fins that go through the tube and will be glued in and then glued again with two part foam. Custom made nomex shock cord protector. The cut single use motor is there to space the motor mount correctly so it is flush with the body tube. So cool




Keith makes beautiful rockets that do not follow normal conventions. He elongates the nosecone which makes a smooth transition. So the point of separation is just in the middle of the body tube instead at where the nose cone ends.


The shuck cord is mounted to a coupler instead of the motor mount. The cut single use motor chunk is in there so I can line up the cap of the motor retainer with the body tube when I epoxy it in.


Two part foam to vill the voids between the motor mount and body tube. It was a bit scary to use the stuff the first time so I tested it on a toilet paper tube. It is fine if it squirts out because it is easy to sand off.




These conformal rail guides are beautiful and I cut them in half like Keith does.

Can’t wait to fly this beauty. Light, tough, thin, and sleek. It will be a sky puncher.



darn NASA and their launches

So there we can see NASA launching the Atlas 5 rocket carrying the MAVEN Mars mission. See how slow it lifts off with no fins >.< Compare it to my launch....

There are two main model rocket reloadable motor system motor manufacturers. I have mostly flown Aerotech motors. The Aerotech motors are great and also a bit cheaper because the consumer does some of the assembly. Cesaroni Technology Incorporated motors are mostly assembled and they are pretty darn cool. I borrowed one for my Level 1 launch and loved it. Picked up a 2 grain case and some motors. Above is my test Flat Daddy using a Smoky Sam motor. It was a quick and dirty flight.

So the THOR launch is tomorrow. I am home on sick leave and decide to get some crap done so I can launch some 24MM motors along all the 29MM motors I plan on launching.

GORLAXIA is first



She had lost her 3rd fin and I just decided to do both oposing fins. No holes, just a fin to make it fly. GORLAXIA is nothing more than a workhorse, but I made at least a bit of effort to make it look decent. It will fly awesome as hell and many times tomorrow

So I was still running low on 24MM motor rockets and decided to build a quick rocket from the QCC Explorers dead hull. The insane and complex fins were fine so I dremeled them off the old tube and put them on a new one with 24MM retention and even got a nice coat od purple pearl paint on the body tube.




Longer 24MM tube with rear retention and no thrust ring. Heavy kevlar shock cord epoxied in so there will never be any issues



Great care was taken to keep the QCC decals and paint original, but get some sweet action on the body tube


It turned out great. Rebuilt the kevlar on the nosecone and it will fly straight on a F24-7W tomorrow.

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